Speech & Language Services

We provide intervention for the following areas of difficulty:


  • Articulation and Phonology- Does your child have difficulty pronouncing words or sounds, or have difficulty being understood by others? 

  • Receptive Language- Does your child have difficulty following directions or understanding what is being said? 

  • Expressive Language- Does your child have a hard time letting others know what he or she needs?  Does your child have difficulty putting words together while speaking?

  • Oral-Motor Difficulties- Does your child drool? Does your child have difficulty with the motor movements necessary for speech or eating?

  • Fluency Disorders- Does your child stutter, or repeat sounds or words while talking? Does your child become tense or move in a distracting way while talking?

  • Resonance/Voice Disorders- Does your child's voice sound hoarse or rough?  Does  your child "lose his voice" frequently?

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At Anchor Pediatric Therapy we strive to help your child develop appropriate speech and language skills and to help your child function independently.  We believe in guiding you, as a parent or caregiver, to help your child grow.


Every child is unique and has unique needs.  By helping your child improve his speech and language skills, we provide him with tools to develop a successful future.  Allow us to assist your child in being everything he can be.  This is therapy for your child's future- for our future!